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iCalculator™ FJ Fiji Salary Comparison Calculators

The salary comparison calculators on this page are designed to allow you to calculate and compare income tax in Fiji for multiple salary amounts so you can understand exactly how much you will be paid based on a specific salary, whether you are employed on an annual contract or hourly rate, the salary calculators provide a clear salary calculation with details on how your salary is calculated. The Salary Comparison calculators are good calculators for those looking for new employment and comparing salaries offered by different jobs. They are also a great comparison tool for Fiji expats to compare income tax and salary deductions when comparing contract salary packages in Fiji.

The FJ Salary calculators allow you to compare salaries, this is useful if you are looking for a job, comparing hourly rates or compare a pay rise to your current salary if you are expecting a pay rise as part of a promotion or annual pay rise for inflation or changes to the cost of living in Fiji. Please note that the Fiji salary after tax calculator used by the salary comparison calculator is designed for quick calculations, if you are looking to produce a comprehensive salary calculation, please use our more detailed 2024 FJ Salary Calculator. Select a salary comparison calculator from the list above that matches how you get paid or how your salary package is detailed.

About the Salary Comparison Calculators

What people say about iCalculator™'s Salary Comparison Calculators "A suite of superb salary calculators that allows comparison of upto 6 different salaries based on different payment periods (hourly rate , weekly wage, annual salary etc.)", "comparing current salary to historical salaries and comparing salary after tax when comparing salaries has never been easier", "I have been using iCalculator™ for years, the salary comparison tool has been so useful and the support with changes and tweaks to help has been incredible, thank you" We love the great feedback on our Salary and Tax Calculators, here is what we have to say: Use these simple salary calculators with built in salary comparison tools to calculate your income tax in Fiji, salary deductions in Fiji and compare salary after tax for income earned in Fiji in the 2024 tax year or historic tax years, we feel it is the perfect tool for jobseekers, Fiji expats, those thinking of relocating to Fiji and those reviewing their salary over time in Fiji.

Benefits of Using the iCalculator™ FJ Salary Comparison Calculator

The iCalculator™ FJ Salary Comparison Calculator is an invaluable tool for both individuals and organizations in Fiji. It allows for the comparison of payroll deductions for employees and employers across different salaries and years. Understanding its benefits can help in making informed decisions regarding employment and financial planning.

Who Can Benefit from This Tool?

1. Job Seekers

Job seekers can use the calculator to compare offers from different employers. By inputting different salary options, they can see how much they would take home after taxes and other payroll deductions in Fiji, helping them make an informed decision about which job offer to accept.

2. Employees Considering a Career Move

Employees thinking about a career change or promotion can use the calculator to understand how the change will affect their take-home pay, considering different tax brackets or benefits associated with the new position.

3. Employers and HR Professionals

Employers in Fiji and HR professionals providing services in Fiji can use it for payroll planning and to provide clear, detailed information to potential and current employees about their salary packages.

4. Financial Planners and Advisors

Financial planners and advisors can use the tool to provide clients tax forecasts and financial planning based on different salary levels, employment costs in Fiji and the cost of recruiting new staff in Fiji.

How to Use the Tool

Using the iCalculator™ FJ Salary Comparison Calculator involves entering salary figures for different scenarios or years. The tool then calculates the salary package, the take-home pay after deductions like Income Tax Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF), etc and other key payroll factors offering a clear comparison between different salary options.

By default, the calculator is set to produce a "Quick Salary Calculation" which provides a snapshot of one salary. Follow the instructions below to compare multiple salaries.

  1. Select "Compare Salaries".
  2. Choose the "Number of Salary Comparisons" you with to make. For example, select "1" to compare 1 salary to the default salary entered into the calculator
  3. Enter a Salary that you wish to compare and select the tax year for comparison. This is where the tools flexibility in calculations is very useful, allowing you to compare the same salary amount over different tax years, different salary amounts in the same tax year or a combination of both.
  4. Finally, click "Calculate". The tool when then provide a list of the compared salaries

This tool's ability to compare across different years is particularly useful for understanding how tax changes over the years affect net income and can be used to see how the salary has changed in real terms when reviewed against annual inflation rates in Fiji.


The iCalculator™ FJ Salary Comparison Calculator is a powerful tool for anyone needing to analyze and compare salaries in Fiji. Its ease of use and comprehensive results make it an essential tool for effective financial decision-making.